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Our Vision:

The primary objective, shall be to promote a partnership between the community and the local police and to create an environment that will promote effective local policing that is user friendly and able to recommend to the South African Police Service measures for accomplishing these aims.

Our Mission:

To ensure the safety of all people in the Krugersdorp Police Station area of jurisdiction, through community involvement and the rendering of professional services

What is the CPF?

Community Policing was created by the Police Act of 1995 and it is being used as a philosophy that guides police management styles and operational strategies and emphasises the establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem solving approach responsive to the needs of the community.

It is based on the assumption that the objectives of the SAPS, namely the prevention, combating and investigation of crime; the maintenance of public order; the provision of protection and security to the community and their property; and upholding and enforcing the law, can only be achieved through the collaborative effort of the SAPS; other government institutions; the organisations and structures of civil society; and individual citizens. A major objective of community policing is to establish an active partnership between the Police and the community through which crime, service delivery and police-community relations can jointly be analysed and appropriate solutions designed and implemented. This however requires that the Police should consciously strive to create an atmosphere in which potential community partners are willing and able to co-operate with the Police. By fully engaging the entire community in this partnership, we will make a significant impact on the crime in Krugersdorp.